3 Marketing AI Tools Used By Retail Companies

Have you ever thought about where you would spend $1 million if you had a marketing budget this size? Well, we might just have the answer today because there are now companies with marketing budgets of this amount (crazy, right?). Today, we’re going to look into three marketing AI tools used by companies with huge budgets and this should give you an idea into the type of tools you need for your own business!

AdEspresso - With a particular focus on Facebook, AdEspresso is a favorite for many since it boasts numerous features and help for unlimited Facebook accounts. As a business, Facebook is essential for success since millions of people visit the website every single day and AdEspresso helps you to optimize your ads automatically. Although there are four different packages on offer, all four offer the basics of personalized suggestions, excel export functionality, unlimited ads split testing, automatic post promotion, Google Analytics integration, and an email notification system.

If you’ve ever tried to create Facebook campaigns on the platform itself, it can be confusing and you don't really feel as though you’re getting the most from your investment. With AdEspresso, you have a platform that’s easier to create campaigns for Facebook…than Facebook. With manual management and plenty of features, AdEspresso is certainly a strong place to start.

Kenshoo - For Kenshoo, they place emphasis on ‘agility’ and continually assessing your campaign so you can be there at the most important times for your customers. Much like AdEspresso, Kenshoo has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years and this comes from the many solutions available. However, the one we’re going to focus on here is ‘Intelligent Campaign Automation’.

If you were to do all bidding manually, you wouldn't be able to get any work done elsewhere because it requires research, time, and determination. In fact, you’d probably need to hire somebody especially for the task and this is what Kenshoo realized. As a result, they came up with automated bidding optimization and this has driven the company forward in recent years.

Depending on your marketing goals, Kenshoo will optimize the bidding process ensuring that your money isn't being wasted and that people with an interest in your service are seeing your ads. Rather than placing ads everywhere on the internet and hoping somebody will notice, bidding optimization is a process that targets YOUR audience. If the bidding isn't quite right, the technology will assess the problem and then come back with the optimized bid for every given scenario. With this efficiency, you can save money and see results which is the ultimate goal for all businesses.

Trapica - Finally, we have Trapica and this is another favorite among the biggest companies. Why? Because it uses everything we’ve discussed previously and takes it one step further. At all times, Trapica will not only be assessing the bidding on a specific campaign but also the targeting. If the chosen audience is still working and the campaign is experiencing success, there’s no need to make any changes but the platform will still be assessing the other segments. As soon as it finds a more profitable audience, it can make the switch and your ads will start showing here instead.

According to the creators, conversion costs can be improved by up to 30% (on average) with this AI system installed and this is because it’s constantly identifying the best segments to target with your ads. Once the superb AI has been linked with your campaign, it’ll keep assessing the conversion numbers while taking into account demographics, behavior, intent, and various other parameters.

However, it doesn’t just look at the most profitable segments and jump across without warning because it’ll consider overlapping with other campaigns, segment costs, and even the best times to run the campaigns. As long as you have up to five conversions to work with, Trapica will keep all your campaigns on the right path for a long time to come. What’s more, it works across all your chosen platforms including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and, of course, Facebook. With this, it quickly becomes the most inclusive package of all.

Summary - With these three tools, you have a difficult decision to make because they all offer something different and they all excel at what they do. While AdEspresso seems to be the king of Facebook, bidding optimization is brilliant on Kenshoo and Trapica covers the whole board with multiple platforms and targeting optimization.

Before you make a decision, we recommend considering your needs and reading the reviews of existing customers to get a better idea for how each can help from the people that use the platforms every day. With your needs as the main determinant, your business will be in a great position to move forward!